About - Yoan Guerreiro
The story of Yoan Guerreiro, what's passionate about, how he built his career and with which brands he had the opportunity to work with.
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Yoan Guerreiro is passionate about traveling and capturing the beauty of nature, motions, and emotions through his lenses. A Swiss-born Portuguese photographer and videographer and 3D Artist based in Lisbon.


He is specialized in landscape, travel and aerial photography. Yoan’s talent has given him the opportunity to work with many reputable brands such as Hyundai, Lenovo, Indie Campers, Monte Campo, DoubleTree Hilton, and Sofitel.


His passion about photography began with a Yashica FR1 analog offered by his father when he was still a teen. When it became digital, the possibilities of photography and editing became endless. Later, with the emergence of the drones the new aerial perspective caused the love for this hobby to increase. All these opportunities made it what was just a hobby in a professional career.


Yoan left his full-time job at a 3D Company, bought a one-way ticket to Southeast Asia and was there for 6 straight months. This gave him the opportunity to explore and capture life in these countries. This allowed him to put together stories through images to build excitement for places that he has enjoyed exploring. Until now, he had the opportunity to visit 13 countries all over the world which allowed him to lead trips to some countries as a Leader of Photographic Expeditions.


This year, he set the goal to himself to capture the world in a way that inspires people to realize that there’s more than their 9 to 5 job.


You can follow his journey on Instagram.